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The purpose of this website is to provide a central, public record of Grant Kettering's activities and research in global and public affairs.

About Grant Kettering

Mr. Kettering is involved in global public affairs in a private capacity. He currently serves as an advisor to or interlocutor with senior officials in several governments as well as former officials, analysts, and academics. His interests focus on national security policy and political theory, as well as trade, finance, and agriculture policy. He has never been a member of a political party. He is a China Expert at the World Economic Forum, a Director of the Governance Institute, a Member of the Kettering Family Foundation, a Member of the Economic Club of New York, and a Member of the Cultural Evolution Society.

Mr. Kettering is the founder of KGA, the primary vehicle through which he pursues commercial and investment activities. KGA was founded in 2014 to mobilize capital to promote holistic human and natural wellbeing. It was founded on the idea that 21st century conditions demand that entrepreneurs and capital allocators embrace a moral and civic duty, transcend narrow financial perspectives and motivations, and take on an active role alongside the public sector to make the world a better place.

Mr. Kettering is an American citizen who was born and raised in Colorado. He was awarded a Masters of Arts in Liberal Arts by St. John's College Annapolis where he studied political philosophy and ancient Greek, and a Bachelors of Arts magna cum laude by Northwestern University where he studied mathematics, philosophy, and physics. He resides in New York City and Steamboat Springs.

Updated: July 20, 2024